Rainy Day Policy

Rainy Day Policy

With all the wonderful attributes of real red clay (slower, higher bounce, easy on the legs, cooler-absorbs the sun’s heat but doesn’t reflect it back up to you etc.), there is one major draw back. Red clay does not handle rain well. Unlike the grayish-green soft courts (called Har-Tru), which doesn’t play as nice, but do handle rain well; red clay, after a soaking rain, can take 2-3 days before they are firm enough for the general public to play on.

As it is a very short season, this can be disastrous! In order to mitigate this I allow a small number of people, who over the years have demonstrated an ability to be very light on their feet, to play before I open the courts up to everyone.

Most of us would severely damage a clay court that was too wet to play on. This damage can take me up to an hour per court to repair and is exhausting work. With seven clay courts I simply cannot do it! This system may not be fair, but neither is the weather in a short season and this helps me stay in business.

If there are any doubts about the weather please call as the Cape can be funny in terms of rain. (508-349-3330) It can rain two miles down the road and not at the courts and vice versa.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Steve Oliver.